Smartphones and tablets have become increasingly powerful and capable of running games. With these devices completely eliminating the need for dedicated gaming consoles, they are gradually challenging home gaming consoles thanks to their increased power. Due to their small size and easy accessibility at any time and place, it has become much easier for people to enjoy games on smartphones and tablets.

If you are a smartphone or tablet user and are looking for a suitable game to pass your leisure time, we here at dlutech have got you covered with some of the best Android games in various genres. Stay tuned to benefit from a fantastic gaming experience.

1. Call of Duty:

The Call of Duty game series is one of the most popular action games in the world of video games. While the series had several unsuccessful releases on mobile platforms in the past, it finally managed to attract the audience and become one of the best games available on mobile phones with its 2019 release in the Battle Royale game mode. Call of Duty: Mobile competes strongly with its main competitors such as PUBG and Fortnite. If you are a fan of Battle Royale games and first-person action, you should not miss the opportunity to experience Call of Duty: Mobile.

2. Fortnite:

The fame and popularity of Fortnite as one of the most popular Battle Royale games cannot be ignored. This game offers attractive cartoon graphics and puts you in the role of a character finding yourself on a beautiful island shared with 99 other players, where you strive to stay alive. Fortnite stands out with a wide range of playable characters and weapons, along with the availability of various vehicles throughout the game map, making it beloved by players. Additionally, the game features highly detailed graphics, requiring a powerful smartphone or tablet to experience Fortnite smoothly.

3. PUBG Mobile:

Initially released on PC in 2017, PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) later expanded to include consoles and other platforms. Finally, in 2018, it was launched in the mobile market as PUBG Mobile. The game was developed by PUBG Studio, a subsidiary of the famous Tencent Games company. It offers a vast island environment with numerous elements, vehicles, and enemies in every corner.

The realistic graphics and the excitement of PUBG Mobile battles are the main reasons for the popularity of this title. Thanks to these factors, the game servers are still crowded with players after several years.

4. Evoland 2:

Evoland 2 is a unique and creative mobile game. The second part was released in 2015 and witnessed improvements in graphics and gameplay compared to the first part. In this game, you control a character that you can name and embark on a journey through the history of video games.

Evoland 2 features many references to the best and most famous games in history, with its gameplay style and graphics changing in different stages to evoke players' nostalgia for the past. You can experience 2D pixel games as well as modern 3D games and explore the evolution of the game world in recent years.

In a time filled with similarities and a lack of creativity in mobile games, the experience of Evoland 2 is highly enjoyable. We highly recommend trying out this fantastic and diverse game in terms of styles and creativity.

5. BattleOps:

If you're a fan of classic action games and fantasy worlds, you might have trouble finding a game that suits your taste in recent years due to the significant focus on online multiplayer games. However, don't feel disappointed because there are still studios that care about players like you, and one of these studios is Techouse Games, which developed the game BattleOps.

In BattleOps, you'll take on the role of a soldier who wakes up suddenly on a battlefield without remembering anything from the past. The game falls under the first-person action genre and is designed to cater to the preferences of players who enjoy the individual gaming experience. While the story may be traditional and lack some innovations, it is enough to enjoy the game and motivate you to complete missions and challenges.

So if you're looking for a game that combines classic action with fantasy, BattleOps can be a suitable choice for you. Enjoy the single-player experience and explore a world full of battles and challenges in this enjoyable game.